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Starting a New Stage in Life? We Can Help.Quality and Dependability on Every Home Renovation Project Since 2003

If you are starting a new stage in your life and you need more space or you need to rearrange the space you have our experience can make your home remodeling project far less stressful.

There are many reasons your life may be in transition: marriage or divorce, a new baby, grown children moving on or adult children moving back in.

If you love your home and you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving we can help you evaluate your options.


  • You relocated to the Peninsula Bay Area recently and you are ready to update the home to fit your tastes:
    • Update an outdated kitchen
    • Create a master suite like you had in your old home
    • Renovate bathrooms
    • Reconfigure existing bedrooms
    • Go all out with a whole-house makeover
  • A new baby is coming or you are welcoming new family members in remarriage:
    • Add or change bathrooms
    • Reconfigure existing bedrooms
    • Create a nursery
    • Add additional storage in multiple rooms
    • Create a kids playroom or play area
  • Divorce or remarriage:
    • Create a new look with your new partner
    • Change all those things your former partner just wouldn’t do
    • Add romance with a fireplace in the family room or master bedroom or even the master bath
    • Add or eliminate sinks in the master bath
    • Create a “man” room where he can hang out or a ladies’ retreat where she can relax
    • Add a TV to the Master Bath so you can get your daily updates while you are getting ready for work or just lounging in the tub
  • Deciding to stay because you can’t sell your home or updating so you can sell your home:
    • Replace dated cabinets and countertops in the kitchen or bath to make these rooms more appealing to prospective buyers
    • Make the changes you really want so you don’t have to deal with all the headaches of moving and then making the changes anyway
    • Put in new appliances (the ones you’ve always wanted)
    • Refinish or replace the floors to give any room fresh appeal
    • Remove a wall to create a more open and welcoming space
  • You love the Peninsula and you want to stay as you grow older (commonly referred to as Aging-in-Place):
    • Install or reinforcing railings in hallways or stairs
    • Add grab bars in bathrooms and hallways
    • Update and refresh bathrooms to include a walk-in shower or tub
    • Modify or widen doorways
    • Adjust the height of countertops and the accessibility of cabinets
    • Add ramps at entrances
    • Adjust the height of controls for lighting, heating and cooling
  • Downsizing
    • Install additional shelving or storage in a family room or pantry
    • Convert a bedroom or spare room to fit a new need
    • Redesign closets to store more and make things easier to reach
  • Medical issues
    • Convert an existing tub or shower to a walk-in tub
    • Modify or widen doorways
    • Add grab bars for safety and stability
    • Add new and brighter lighting
    • Adjust the height of countertops and cabinets
    • Adjust the height of controls to make them reachable from a sitting position

Whatever changes or transitions you are about to face, we can help you recreate your living spaces to meet your new needs or desires.


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