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If you want to do an addition for extra living space, or simply improve the layout and functionality of your home by renovating your kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, home office or any other area of your home, call me for some sound advice and ideas, not a sales pitch.

When you have been dreaming about and saving for that special project, you want a contractor who will do what they promise.

We have successfully completed over 50 extensive remodeling projects and over 120 handyman projects in: Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Carlos, and the surrounding communities of the Bay Area.

I realize that most homeowners only tackle a significant home remodeling project every 10 years or more. That is one of the reasons why I have provided so much information on my website.

If you have spent time exploring our website, then you already know that we recommend asking a lot of questions and requiring every company you contact to put their answers in writing.

Here is one more question you have probably thought about.

“Erik, how much will it cost to do everything we really want?”

Too many homeowners base their decision on price alone. As you explored our website you probably realized that there are many factors other than price to consider in choosing a contractor to remodel your home.

  • Please use the 21 questions on my How to Hire a Professional Remodeling Company page. Asking all of these questions might seem like a hassle but consider the alternative of living through a remodeling disaster. Even after they have “finished” you will be reminded of the sloppy work every time you walk in the room. There are reputable and experienced home remodeling companies and if you do your homework you will significantly increase your chances of hiring the right one for your project.
  • Unscrupulous contractors on the Peninsula know that most homeowners don’t have a lot of experience dealing with remodeling contractors and they will take advantage of you. Some remodeling contractors will take on a project even if they don’t have the proper experience. Eliminating these contractors from your list will save you a lot of frustration.
  • You can avoid being fooled by a price that is too good to be true by using the information on The Many Risks You Take in Hiring the Low Bidder page. There are many places in a construction project where corners can be cut or inferior materials substituted to make more profit. This is especially true for the low bidders.
  • If your project is your dream, please don’t take the risk of hiring someone that offers a price that is 15% or more below other home remodeling contractors because you won’t be getting the same materials, installation methods or warranty.

If you accept that bid, be prepared to accept lower quality or an increase in price once the project is underway.

If you are ready to renovate your home all we ask is the opportunity to demonstrate why so many people recommend us. Thank you in advance for contacting us.


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