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How to Hire a Professional Home Remodeling CompanyQuality and Dependability on Every Home Renovation Project Since 2003

Most homeowners only hire a home remodeling or home renovation company every 10 years or more. Many have suffered through a less than satisfying project and they don’t want to make the same hiring mistake again.

I have been called as an expert witness in the home remodeling industry. I have seen home remodeling disasters up close.

The good news is that there are reputable and experienced home remodeling companies and if you do your homework, you will significantly increase your chances of hiring the right one for your project.

The following information is provided to assist all homeowners in evaluating and choosing a professional contractor on the Peninsula to make your dream into reality.

Asking all of these questions might seem like a hassle but consider the alternative of living through a remodeling disaster. Even after they have “finished”, you will be reminded of the sloppy work every time you walk in the room.

For each area simply ask the questions and ask the general or remodeling contractor to provide the written evidence to support their answers.

  1. Are you licensed in California as a General Building Contractor and will you provide us with your license?
  2. Have any owners in your company ever filed for bankruptcy for this or any other construction, home renovation or home remodeling company that they were an owner, shareholder or partner in?
  3. How many relevant customer references will you be providing?
  4. Will you supply us with your current insurance certificate and the contact phone number for your agent?
  5. Are there any other letters of reference that you can provide?
  6. What is your rating with the Better Business Bureau?
  7. Are you certified in Lead-Safe Work Practices? (If your home was built before 1978 this is a Federal requirement for virtually all home renovation projects.)
  8. What professional or civic organizations do you belong to or support?

  1. If you aren’t in to answer my call, how long will it be before I hear from you?
  2. How many hours a day are you reachable on your mobile phone?
  3. How long does it normally take you to respond to emails?
  4. Who will be supervising my project and how many years of experience do they have?
  5. What type of industry-specific training do you provide for your employees?
  6. Do you have written employee conduct policies?
  7. Do you provide a price guarantee in your proposal or do you provide allowances?
  8. How many projects do you normally run at the same time?
  9. Do you keep track of all products that you install in your projects?
  10. Do you have a written daily clean-up procedure?
  11. How often will you provide me with project updates?
  12. What written warranties do you provide?
  13. Have you ever made repairs to a project after the warranty expired?

After asking these questions and reviewing each contractor’s written answers, the quality companies will be easy to identify.

I encourage you to also review “The Risk You Take Hiring the Low Bidder.” It is quite eye-opening. You can also find useful information on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

If you want to do an addition for extra living space, or simply improve the layout and functionality of your home by renovating your kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, home office or any other area of your home, we can help turn your dream into reality.

I encourage you to speak to my customers. Learn how your home improvement or home renovation project will be done right the first time without the headaches, hidden charges, hassles and inferior quality that are so common in my industry.


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